Hello my lovelies…

Today I am going to introduce you another Fashionista that wants to share her secrets with us.

EmmeEe( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=517579) is a student form Macedonia. She is a member of Polyvore for 6 months now and she has has a great variety of sets. Apart from being stylish and fashionable she is an artist too. You should check out her art sets, they are amazing. She loves Polyvore and in her free time she likes hanging out with her besties and go shopping.

Recently, EmmeEe has a great idea..She wanted a Polyvore Magazine and now she has her own group called «Polyvores Magazine http://www.polyvore.com/polyvores_magazine/group.show?id=61211. In that group you can submit any sets you think they could be part of a magazine. I think it is a great idea that is why i try to cooperate with her in our brand new group.

You can also find EmeeEe in facebook #mce_temp_url#

Let’s find out more interesting things about our Polyvorian Friend.

Q: What does Polyvore means to you?

EmeeEe: I love polyvore becouse I can express my self on the way I want so it means so much to me.

Q: What does fashion means to you?

EmeeEe:I love fashion it`s a way to expesss thats what complets my presense on polyvore.

Q: Are there any beauty tips that you want to share with us?

EmeeEE:Beauty tips I know well if your mascara is dry you can put some hand creme or you can put powder on the lipstick to make it last longer.

Q: Do you have any favorite beauty product or cosmetic?

I don`t have any favorite beauty product but I love lip glosses and eyeshadows.

Q: Do you have any celebrity icons?

EmeeEe:I love Beyonce,Enrique Iglesias,Rihanna,Jenifer Lopez,Justin Timberlake Robert Pattinson etc.

Q: Is there anything else that you want to share with us?

EmeeEe:I don`t have something special that I would like to share all I want to tell is that everyone understands the fashion on its own way and we should respect the peoples style and choise.

Well darling, I want to thank you so much for your time and for answering these question for my friends…

And now here are some of EmeeEe’s fabulous sets…

Relax by EmeeEe featuring Coach bags